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Web Hosting Glossary

Web Hosting Terminology

Host / Website Host - These terms refer to a company that offers storage space for webpages on ther internet

Shared Web Hosting / Virtual Web Hosting - A web hosting account on a server where storage space, memory and processor(s) are shared by all users on the server. Often these accounts share the same IP. These accounts can interfere with one another if someone abuses the server.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) / VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) - these types of hosting accounts dedicate a minimum amount resources to an account. These accounts have their own memory, processor(s) and space which will always be available to the user. These accounts do not affect one another while running heavy loads on the same server because each account is independant of the rest.

Reseller Website Hosting - Reseller accounts tend to be larger than shared/virtual accounts. These accounts are designed to be able to host many websites and/or clients. They have the ability to create sub-accounts below the main account.

Colocation - Colocation means you provide a server to the company and they connect it to the internet inside of their data center. This option can be cheaper if you already have a server or need to run customized applications on your server.

Dedicated Web Hosting / Dedicated Servers - These terms refer to entire servers being purchased for one client. These are recommended for hosting companies and large websites that demand lots of web space or need to process a lot of information. VPS/VDS are a cheaper alternative to dedicated web hosting.

Web Hosting Control Panels

cPanel - cPanel and Web Host Manager (WHM) are the the most popular control panels. They come packaged in a manner that a Web Host Manager can provide cPanels (Control Panels) to each of their users. cPanel is feature packed and comes with many add-ons such as Fantastico (Dozens of Pre-Installed Scripts to Install on Demand) and RVSkin (International Language Support).

DirectAdmin - DirectAdmin is another Control Panel which provides a simple interface for users to do everything they need and supports multiple levels of users and sub-users.

Plesk - Plesk is yet another control panel that provides all the functions for users via a control panel.

Ensim - A control panel known for being very good for administrators but not as end-user (customer) friendly.

Web Hosting Software

ASP - Active Server Pages are Microsoft's web language. These tend to be mostly used on Windows based platforms but there are linux/unix/bsd ports for ASP.

JSP - Java Servlet Pages are Sun's Java web language. JSP can be support on most platforms and is based on Java programming language.

PHP - Popular scripting language which is supported on most operating systems. Most scripts are written in PHP today.

Perl - Perl is an older language which is still used today for its speed and functionality. Most hosts support Perl, some may call it a 'CGI-BIN.'

ColdFusion - another programming language designed by Macromedia for web applications.

Web Hosting Operating Systems

Linux - open source operating system based on Unix.

BSD - unix adaptation by berkley software development (BSD).

Unix - predecessor to linux and bsd operating systems which are very similar to Unix except open source.

Windows - Microsoft's operating system. Most home computers run Windows.



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